Wedding photographer Hämeenlinna, Finland | Sanna & Nico | Häme Castle & Villa kieloranta

Wedding photography in Hämeenlinna, Finland:

When you have a military wedding in a 800-year-old castle...well it is something unforgettable. King's hall was a perfect place for the ceremony. A wedding reception was held at Villa Kieloranta which had everyhing: sauna and bathtub in front of big windows and lake view, beach, dock... There were also a lot of natural light coming in to the apartment so it was a good place for getting ready.

Sanna and Nico didn't have the easiest year before the wedding and unfortunately one of their closest was gone before their wedding. Regardless they were grateful of everyone who was there. I enjoyed the roller coaster of emotions on that day and I'll never forget how kind and thoughtful they were to EVERYONE, making sure that everyone was having the blast of their lives!

it was so nice to see how they enjoyed the day and how happy they were together. And thanks for the superb food!!! Thanks guys!!!

Vihkiminen: Hämeen linna

Hääjuhla: Villa Kieloranta