Portugal | Travel photographer

Last summer I travelled with my wife to Portugal for a holiday. We stayed through AirBnB and rented a whole apartment for our trip. It was an exellent decision because I really don't like staying in hotels. We wanted to spent our holiday with the locals and that's what we got.

I think it's hard not to fall in love with Portugal. Walking along the streets of Lisbon is a wonderful feeling especially if your own home town doesn't have the same kind of history. Lisbon is like a wise, elderly person with great charisma. Narrow streets offer something unique: behind every corner there's a new surprise.

After spending few days in Lisbon, to our great surprise, we met my good old friend Kai who was spending his vacation with his girlfriend. Together we went to NOS (was Optimus) Alive in which we had unforgettable night. Too bad we missed Mumford and Sons because tickets were sold out but the festifal didn't let us down. The music started in the evening and continued long into the the following morning. Sunset happened during Sam Smith's gig. The following day we went to see Castle of the Moors which is located in Sintra. Another place worth mentioning was Cabo da Roca, a cape which forms the westernmost extent of continental Europe.

I had only Fujifilm X100t with me for the most of the trip. Some days I took also my X-T1 with me but having only X100t and it's silent shutter with you can be very liberating.

Looking again these pictures, I can't wait for summer!