My story


Hey, I’m Jaakko.

I was born under a wandering star. As a kid I was always wondering what’s behind the landscape I was looking. Love for nature was born thanks to my folks who I appreciate every day more and more.

I see dreams about photographing in the mountains but I believe the most important moments are those accidental ones where you lose yourself in the act of living. You know the ones, where you and your partner laugh for a half-second? It’s my goal to capture that moment with my artistic intention and loads of feeling.

I’m an adventurous spirit. For me adventure means jumping into unknown. Sometimes is means climbing up to the highest mountain, other times it can be pitching a tent in a living room and listening bird sounds on a cassette player and imagining I’m all alone in the wild.

I’m forever grateful to my lovely wife. She’s the reasonable, I’m the dreamer. Together we are strong.

Why I do what I do?

To me, human stories are complex, and that's what makes it all so interesting in the first place.

People mean a lot to me. Sometimes we all need a little encouragement, listener or someone who will
straighten our bowtie.

Documenting weddings, elopements and couples gives me opportunity to see and feel things I would otherwise miss. I can see every tear, sense the excitement and smile, when I see that certain look in someone’s eye.

That’s why is super important for me to get to know my couples.

There are more important days than wedding day. It is all the days after the wedding (everyone who’s married knows that). In the moment of big chance I have the honor to be encouraging friend, sometimes it’s better to me to be professional and other times it’s best to be just a wallflower.

Being wedding photographer is so much more than taking photos. That’s why wedding photography is so demanding but also so rewarding and unique.

I needed to create

I spent years searching for my passion. I did semi-professional sports but I always felt something was missing. For me, creating something with my eye gets my blood pumping.

Photography is cooperation. I enjoy working with people who see our common time as an opportunity to create something meaningful together. Some of my most important photos are the result of such a co-operation in which all parties have the desire to create something unique.

Laid-back attitude supports creativity

To be able to create work the way I do, I need a little room to be creative. My style is not capture every second. It’s more important for me to capture the moment that tells the story of the day. That’s why (and for your own good) I recommend keeping the schedule of your wedding day as loose as possible.

Trust is everything.

Enough about me, because this is about you.

Who are you?

Maybe you’re the explorers, soul searchers, lovers of the unknown. Perhaps you like to turn left when everyone else is turning right. If driving the scenic route and getting some dirt on your boots sounds your thing, I’d love to meet you and create something unforgettable together. I swear I'm an excellent third wheel.